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1. It was a boring weekend. ... anything.
I didn't I don't do I didn't do
2. Call an ambulance. There's been ... .
accident an accident some accident
3. Sandra works at a big hospital. She' s ....
nurse a nurse the nurse
4. She works six days ... week.
in for a
5. The bus service is very good. There's a bus ... ten minutes.
each every all
6. Jane doesn't enjoy her job. She's ... because she does the same thing every day.
boring bored
7. What a beautiful house! It's ... a palace.
as like
8. If I were you, I ... that coat. It's much too expensive.
won't buy don't buy am not going to buy
wouldn't buy
9. "Do you know where ...?" "No, he didn't say."
Tom has gone has Tom gone has gone Tom
10. "What would you like to eat?" "I don't mind. ... "
Something Anything Nothing
11. The train ... arrive at 11.30 but it was an hour late.
supposed to is supposed to was supposed to
12. What's the name of the man ...?
you borrowed his car which car you borrowed
whose car you borrowed his car you borrowed
13. ... she can't drive, she has bought a car.
Even Even though Even if
Even when
14. I'm going to a wedding on Saturday, ... is getting married.
a friend of me a friend of mine one my friends
15. That bag looks heavy. ... you with it.
I'm helping I help I'll help
16. What time shall we ... this evening?
meet meet us meet ourselves
17. I think all drivers ... seat belts.
should wear had better wear had better to wear
18. What was wrong with you? Why ... go to hospital?
you had to did you have to must you
19. "How ... ?" "Nobody knows."
happened the accident did happen the accident
did the accident happen
20. We ... by a loud noise during the night.
woke up are woken up were woken up
were waking up
21. Sally has been working here...
for six months since six month six month ago
22. Tom ... his hand while he was cooking the dinner.
burnt was burning has burn
23. Ann ... and left.
said good-bye to me said me good-bye told me good-bye
24. Some of the people ... to the party can't come.
inviting invited who invited
they were invited
25. " ... this week?" "No, she's on holiday."
Is Susan working Does Susan work Does work Susan
26. I wish I ... a car. It would make life so much easier.
have had would have
27. She tried to be serious but she couldn't help ... .
laughing to laugh that she laughed
28. Colin told me about his new job, ... very much.
that he's enjoying which he's enjoying he's enjoying
he's enjoying it
29. Ian ... in Scotland for ten years. Now he lives in London.
lived has lived has been living
30. ... tomorrow, so we can go out somewhere.
I'm not working I don't work I won't work
31. Why did you stay at a hotel when you went to New York? You ... with Barbara.
can stay could stay could have stayed
32. Fred is away at the moment. I don't know exactly when he's coming back but I'm sure he'll be back ... Monday.
by until
33. "Ann is in hospital." "Yes, I know. ... her tomorrow."
I visit I'm going to visit I'll visit
34. We're late. The film ... by the time we get to the cinema.
will already start will be already started
will already have started
35. A friend of mine phoned ... me to a party.
for invite to invite for inviting
for to invite
36. He ... to find a job but he had no luck.
tried hard tried hardly hardly tried
37. I saw Jack ... a concert last Saturday.
at on in
38. Have you read any books ... Agatha Christie?
of from by
39. "You don't know where Karen is, ...?" "Sorry, I've no idea."
don't you do you is she
40. The exam was quite easy - ... we expected.
more easy that more easy than easier than
easier as
41. They gave me a form and told me to ... .
fill in fill it in fill in it
42. Hello, Jim. I didn't expect to see you today. Sonia said you ... ill.
are were was
should be
43. "Where ...?" "In London."
were you born are you born have you been born
did you born
44. Everything is going so well. We ... any problems so far.
didn't have don't have haven't had
45. Sheila couldn't come to the party, ... was a pity.
that it what
46. Are you looking forward ... Ann again?
seeing to see to seeing
47. What time ... on television?
is the news are the news is news
48. You should insure your bicycle ... stolen.
in case it will be if it will be in case it is
if it is
49. I'm not very good ... repairing things.
at for in
50. It's late. It's time ... home.
we go we must go we should go
we went

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