Wie fit sind Sie in Englisch ?

Nehmen Sie sich eine halbe Stunde Zeit – es lohnt sich! Denn erst wenn wir mehr über Ihre aktuellen Sprachkenntnisse erfahren, können wir Sie gut beraten und ein individuelles Training konzipieren. Sie starten mit dem Online-Test, danach melden wir uns bei Ihnen und besprechen Ihre Wünsche und Möglichkeiten eines gezielten Trainings. Wünschen Sie ein Testing für eine andere Sprache? Dann kommen Sie einfach auf uns zu.

Ich habe die Datenschutzerklärung zur Kenntnis genommen. Ich stimme zu, dass meine Angaben und Daten zur Beantwortung meiner Anfrage elektronisch erhoben und gespeichert werden.
Hinweis: Sie können Ihre Einwilligung jederzeit für die Zukunft per E-Mail an info@nations.de widerrufen.

Markieren Sie bitte die richtige Antwort (nur eine Möglichkeit) in dem dafür vorgesehenen Feld.

1. It was a boring weekend. ... anything.

2. Call an ambulance. There's been ... .

3. Sandra works at a big hospital. She' s ....

4. She works six days ... week.

5. The bus service is very good. There's a bus ... ten minutes:

6. Jane doesn't enjoy her job. She's ... because she does the same thing every day.

7. What a beautiful house! It's ... a palace.

8. If I were you, I ... that coat. It's much too expensive.

9. "Do you know where ...?" "No, he didn't say."

10. "What would you like to eat?" "I don't mind. ... - whatever you've got."

11. The train ... arrive at 11.30 but it was an hour late.

12. What's the name of the man ...?

13. ... she can't drive, she has bought a car.

14. I'm going to a wedding on Saturday, ... is getting married.

15. That bag looks heavy. ... you with it.

16. What time shall we ... this evening?

17. I think all drivers ......seat belts.

18. What was wrong with you? Why ... go to hospital?

19. "How ... ?" "Nobody knows."

20. We ... by a loud noise during the night.

21. Sally has been working here... .

22. Tom ... his hand while he was cooking the dinner.

23. Ann ... and left.

24. Some of the people ... to the party can't come.

25. "... this week?" "No, she's on holiday."

26. I wish I ... a car. It would make life so much easier.

27. She tried to be serious but she couldn't help ... .

28. Colin told me about his new job, ... very much.

29. Ian ... in Scotland for ten years. Now he lives in London.

30. ... tomorrow, so we can go out somewhere.

31. Why did you stay at a hotel when you went to New York? You ... with Barbara.

32. Fred is away at the moment. I don't know exactly when he's coming back but I'm sure he'll be back ... Monday.

33. "Ann is in hospital." "Yes, I know. ......... her tomorrow."

34. We're late. The film ... by the time we get to the cinema.

35. A friend of mine phoned ... me to a party.

36. He ... to find a job but he had no luck.

37. I saw Jack ... a concert last Saturday.

38. Have you read any books ... Agatha Christie?

39. "You don't know where Karen is, ...?" "Sorry, I've no idea."

40. The exam was quite easy - ... we expected.

41. They gave me a form and told me to ... .

42. Hello, Jim. I didn't expect to see you today. Sonia said you ... ill.

43. "Where ...?" "In London."

44. Everything is going so well. We ... any problems so far.

45. Sheila couldn't come to the party, ... was a pity.

46. Are you looking forward ... Ann again?

47. What time ... on television?

48. You should insure your bicycle ... stolen.

49. I'm not very good ... repairing things.

50. It's late. It's time ... home.